Eye on Water App

Powered by Badger Meter, EyeOnWater lets you connect to your Monona Water Utility account to you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you to possible leaks on your property.Illustration of a drop of water

Because the water meter replacement program has just gotten underway, the EyeOnWater app won't be fully functioning for Monona Water customers until the new meters have been uploaded into our computer software.  Customers who try to set up an EyeOnWater account now may get an error message, or they may be able to set up an account but not view any data.  This is because the software isn't yet recognizing their new meter.  

We ask customers to wait to set up their EyeOnWater accounts until the meters are uploaded.  We anticipate this to occur in mid-March. We will keep customers informed with announcements and more information.  For customers who have already successfully set up an EyeOnWater account, once the new meters are uploaded, you will be able to view your water usage.

Thank you for your patience.  We're excited to launch this new program this spring!