Effective Transportation

This page and its resources are devoted to decreasing transportation costs and overall transportation impact on the environment from consuming fossil fuels. Some questions to consider are:

  • What strategies have you invested in or employed to encourage public or alternative transportation to your establishment by customers and employees?
  • Can your business utilize hybrid vehicles?
  • Does your business purchase equipment and supplies from local vendors to cut down on distribution costs?


Project Ideas

  • Use a petroleum reducing planning tool to calculate the cost saving from alternative fuel usage
  • Encourage employees to use public transportation or ride-share programs by incentivizing these commuting methods
  • Install bike racks near your facility for bike parking
  • Tips for green fleet management include careful reporting and route management, fuel cards, and strategic vehicle purchases. Click here to learn more about effective fleet management
  • Install a GPS tracking system in fleet vehicles to monitor vehicle usage, promote efficient routing and dispatching, and decrease idle time. Fleetmatics offers this type of service
  • Utilize GreenerCars Rating System - search the class, make, model, and year of a vehicle to determine it's 'green score.' Useful for determining the efficiency of new and old vehicles; high green scores are around 60 points 

Financial Incentives

Wisconsin Alternative fuel Tax Refund for Taxis - Reimbursements available for the amount of the Wisconsin state fuel tax for vehicles using alternative fuels. Must use a minimum of 100 gallons of alternative fuel to qualify