Land Use


Quick Tips:

Plant Native Species
Use this website as a resource when considering new plants suitable for your landscaping needs.

Reduce Fertilizer Use
The chemicals from these products can runoff into the lake or leach into the ground leading to contamination. Try using compost or organic fertilizers instead!

Landscaping Projects:

Curb Cut Raingardens
A great way to prevent and mitigate flooding in your yard is to create a raingarden! They retain more moisture than traditional grass and also increase your home's curb appeal.

Leaf Management & Adopt a Storm Drain
Keeping leaves out of our storm drains can dramatically improve Monona's water quality. Find out how you can do your part by adopting a storm drain and raking leaves accordingly. 

The Waters Edge: A Guide for Lakefront Property Owners
Keeping Calling all lakefront property owners! Use this guide to learn more about landscaping tactics to keep nearby fish and wildlife happy and healthy.