Friends of WVMO

Adopt a Watt

"At WVMO, we have so few watts, each one could have a name!" Will Nimmow

How about your name? Or the name of a loved one?
Tell your friends . . . tell your favorite east side business!

Adopt a Watt!

Easy Ways to Adopt a Watt

If paying by cash or check, adopt your bright-shiny-sparkly watt for $250; please make your check payable to "Friends of WVMO".

  • Mail a check to Friends of WVMO, 5211 Schluter Road, Monona, WI 53716
  • Bring a check to the station at City Hall, 5211 Schluter Road 
  • Click “Donate” to Adopt a Watt online
Now go name your Watt and live happily ever-after!
What do you get when you Adopt a Watt?
  • Name the watt
  • Your watt will be featured on the air for a day
  • WVMO bumper sticker
  • Picture with the WVMO remote broadcast vehicle (bike)
  • Full tax deduction allowed by law
What will the money be used for?
  • Convert news room to recording space
  • Defer start-up expenses
  • Sports coverage for Monona Grove High School away games
There are only 100 watts available in 2017 and they're going fast! 

Email or call 608.216.7431 to be added to our pre-sale sign up!

Mission Statement

Driven by a passion for Monona radio, the Friends of WVMO supports and sustains the station through fund development, volunteer recruitment, and community promotion.

WVMO Friends Board Members
Mary Huelsbeck, President
Valerie Hamstra, Secretary
Jim Gundersen, Treasurer
Charlie Shoemaker, Board Member at Large

Contact Us!

The Friends of WVMO look forward to hearing from you! Click here to send an email.


August 28, 2017

Adopted by Glen & Sally Lee, Vogts Lane

In Memory of Edward A. Thomas

Edward Thomas was a big supporter of Monona and a very long time resident.

Watt Glen Sally Lee RBV


August 26, 2017

Adopted by Loree & Cary Pierce, Progressive Lane

Pierce's Perfect Playlist

Loree is the musical leader for "The Big Squeezey", an accordion band, and often develops playlists.  August 26 is Cary's birthday.


August 16 & August 17, 2017
#2 Adopted by Kathryn Lyster, Arrowhead Drive
"Diddly Watt"
#3 Adopted Greg Anderson, Arrowhead Drive
"Wattsworth Longfellow"

August 15, 2017
Adopted by Nancy Moore on Winnequah Road
In honor of Lindsay Wood Davis

"To Lindsay Wood Davis with gratitude for his vision, wisdom, humor and amazing grace."