Parking Lot Reconstruction Projects

City Hall Parking Lot Reconstruction

City Hall parking area will be expanded to fit 12 new parking stalls including the addition of a wider drive lane near the City Hall entrance.  The parking lot will be laid out in a 90 degree parking stall pattern, perpendicular to the drive lane.  The drive lane will remain one way in and one way out.  The parking reconstruction will incorporate the addition of new lighting, new landscaping, and a new storm water treatment basin.  The City will also be adding two new benches, a sidewalk that fronts the property along Schluter Rd., as well as a set of 2 new flagpoles which will hold the American and State Flags.  

For more information please contact Brad Bruun with Monona Public Works or see plans and bid tab summary below.

Bid Tab Summary
Plan Drawings

Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

Well No.2 Parking Lot Reconstruction

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