2017 Road Reconstruction

2017 Road Reconstruction


The Work includes the reconstruction of approximately 3,600 linear feet of urban street and underground utilities including approximately 3,500 linear feet of cured in place pipe sanitary sewer lining, 2,000 linear feet of 4-inch sanitary sewer replacement, 15 manhole rehabilitations, approximately 4,000 linear feet of ductile iron water main replacement, 2,400 linear feet of copper water services, 1,800 linear feet of storm sewer, 3,600 linear feet of spot curb and gutter replacement, 8,500 tons of base course, and 4,000 tons of asphaltic concrete pavement.

Every project location will be receiving sanitary and water service laterals up to the property line and will be reconnected with residents private lines.

Project Contacts

Contractor - Homburg Contractors Inc.
Public Works Project Manager - Brad Bruun
Engineer - Strand 

Project Schedule, 4/13-4/21

The project will start at the South end of Tonyawatha Trl. and include Progressive Ln., W. Dean Ave. intersections at Winnequah Rd.  Temporary road closures will take place at these intersections as well as along Tonyawatha Trl. to W. Dean Ave. and along W. Dean and Progressive Avenues.  The contractor will begin milling the roadway surface either Friday, 4/13 or Monday 4/16.  Local traffic only will be allowed in this work zone.  Bike and Vehicle detours will be set up to send travelers down Waterman Way or Midmoor Rd. if traveling South on Winnequah OR travelers will be directed down Nichols off Winnequah to McKenna or Midmoor Rd. if traveling North along Winnequah.

The contractor will be replacing water laterals and water main to begin the project and then will install new sanitary service laterals and storm sewer prior to lining sanitary sewer mains.  Temporary water and sanitary services will be shut off or residents may be asked to refrain from using these services as new connections are made.  Access to these work zones will be for local traffic only.  The contractor has assured the City that vehicle access will be granted to locals as much as possible.  At times during normal working hours a trench may be opened in front of a property and said homeowner may be asked to park their vehicle down the street a short distance until the work there can be finished and the driveway opened back up.

Finish pavement and concrete work will follow the completed utility work on each road segment.  

2017 Road Reconstruction Bid Summary

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