2021 Loud in the Library: Dine to Donate!

Saturday, January 30  |  All Day!

Loud in the Library 2021_Dine to Donate

On Saturday, January 30, your family and friends -- local or at a distance! -- may

order food delivered by



  • Use code LOUD2021

  • EatStreet will donate 15% back to Monona Public Library!
  • All Day Long! Order a lovely breakfast, a luscious lunch, a lavish dinner -- or all 3!

To make a direct donation to Loud in the Library 2021 (via Monona Public Library Foundation), please use this PayPal link.  

Big thanks to our Loud in the Library 2021 partners: Monona Bank, EatStreet, Monona Public Library Foundation, Monona East Side Business Alliance

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