Current Projects

Bridge Road Reconstruction - 2019

Update – November 22, 2019

Bridge Road Reconstruction started the week of July 8 of this year, with plans for a complete street reconstruction from Winnequah Road to Broadway.  The project is nearly complete, with final completion of the project scheduled for the spring of 2020.  The road is now open to traffic in both directions.

Due to the early onset of winter (snow began falling the last week of October), plans were made to install temporary asphalt to get us through winter.  Temporary pavement was put down on November 16, and will remain in place until the spring of 2020.  There are several areas of the street where the temporary pavement is soft and covered with metal plates.  The plates will be removed once the frost is in the ground and the roadbed freezes for the winter.  The metal plates will be placed in the same areas again in the spring once the frost in the ground moves out.  Prior to placing the final layer of asphalt in the spring, there are several locations where the road bed will need to be repaired. 

In addition to the temporary pavement, crews installed temporary pavement markings.  The markings you see today are not the final markings.  Once the permanent layer of asphalt is placed next spring, all pavement markings, (center line striping, crosswalks and bike lanes) will be painted.  Even though the temporary pavement and temporary pavement markings have been installed, this area is still considered a construction zone.  Care should be taken by pedestrians, bikers, and automobiles as they travel through this area.

Homburg Contractors are continuing to work in the project area as the weather allows.  In addition to monitoring and maintaining the temporary asphalt, work items remaining this year include installation of sidewalk and ramps in various locations, street lighting, topsoil, and bridge rail installation.  Some of this work will be completed in the spring of 2020, depending on the weather the next few weeks.

Final pavement and pavement markings were originally scheduled to be completed this year, and the project was running on schedule until the unseasonably cold and snowy weather began.  However, we’re confident that the final product next spring will be worth the wait. With new infrastructure and utilities under the road, sidewalks, bike lanes, and a new bridge deck, Bridge Road will be a better, safer and more pleasing road for all users – cars, bikes, and pedestrians.  We thank our residents for their patience during this construction process and look forwarding to the official project completion next spring.

Plan drawings, Click Here
City of Madison has assessments for this project for nearby City of Madison property ownerssee here.

McKenna Road Reconstruction

 - 2020

McKenna Road, from West Dean Avenue to Greenway Road, will be reconstructed in 2020.  Plans include the addition of curb and gutter and sidewalks.  The reconstructed street section and new curb and gutter are subject to special assessment. The preliminary assessment report, which includes design plans and preliminary costs for each assessable parcel can be viewed here. A public hearing will be held on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Monona Community Center (Main Hall). All those interested in speaking in favor of or against the proposed project and/or the levying of special assessments may speak or register at this hearing.

Riverfront Redevelopment Street and Park Construction - 2019

Metropolitan Ln. is being reconstructed to better serve the new Riverfront Redevelopment properties and is being renamed Inland Way.  Inland Way, formerly Metropolitan Ln. now connects Bridge Road to Broadway Avenue.  Another additional street named Yahara Lane helps with overflow public parking in the new development, which includes 49 typical parking stalls and 4 handicapped accessible stalls.  The project will include installation of permeable pavement to assist in capturing runoff from major storm events and treatment of stormwater.  The permeable pavement and pavers will be installed upon completion of the final phase of the development.  A new park, Grand Crossing Park, is also being constructed in the redevelopment that will include a skating rink, a stage area, seats and tables, a fireplace, and river access via river steps and public pier.  This project is slated for completion in early October and the park will have its grand opening on Sunday, October 6th.   For Plan Drawings, Click Here

Winnequah Road Pirate Island Bridge Replacement - 2020

The City of Monona has plans to replace the Winnequah Road bridge to Pirate Island in 2020.  The current bridge was constructed in 1960, and has a sufficiency rating of 8.6 out of 100.  Reconstruction plans call for the complete replacement of the bridge.  One lane will be open to residents during the construction.  During construction, the water main currently hanging from the bridge will be placed under ground, just to the west of the bridge.  Bridge design is being completed by MSA, led by Gregg Borucki.

A public information meeting was held on Thursday, August 22nd at the Monona Public Library.  The presentation shared at that meeting is linked below.  View a presentation on reconstruction plans

North Winnequah Park Lagoon Dredging and PCB Removal - 2019

The City will be dredging the northern lagoon in Winnequah Park to remove PCB laden sediments and to improve water quality.  The project includes rehabilitating the shorelines as well as cleaning up the drainage ditch along the northernmost reach of the lagoon.  It will also address cleaning up around two stormwater outfalls that feed into the lagoon and will provide new fish habitat and accesses for fishing.

Upcoming Work (as of 10/29/2019):

  • Waiting on dredged material to dry prior to hauling to landfill.
  • Restoration beginning this week and landscaping to start first week of November.
For Plan Drawings, Click Here

​Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design - 2022-2025

This project has a tentative construction start date for 2020-2021.  Project design has been approved by Monona City Council and Public Works Committee's.  The project is awaiting final decision on whether it will receive federal funding.
Visit the City of Madison project page for more information.

Road Resurfacing and Maintenance - 2019

Monona Public Works is performing routine yearly maintenance on several residential streets. In 2019 Monona will make micro-surfacing repairs on Cardinal Crescent, Joyce Road, Maywood Road, Navajo Trail, Souix Trail, Schluter Road, Queens Way, Southern Circle, Sethne Court, Schofield Street, and Shore Acres Road.  This work will begin in May of 2019.  Local traffic only will be allowed on these streets immediately after application of the micro-surfacing material.
Project Maps  

Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan - 2019

Monona City Council has accepted the plan and the information is posted on the City's Public Works page along with all supporting data and reports.

US DOT Projects In Monona - 2019-2020

Beltline Hard Shoulder Project

WisDOT Project Page

​Beltline South Towne Overpass, On/Off Ramp Improvements
WisDOT Project Page

​LED Upgrades Project - Monona Public Library and Community Center

The Library and Community Center will be getting all new LED fixtures in the Fall of 2019.  This includes new occupancy sensors, dimming switches, some relocation of lighting.  Current fixtures are almost entirely made up of fluorescent lighting along with some metal halide and incandescents. 

Project Bid Tab Summary: