Current Projects

McKenna Road Reconstruction


Between Dean Ave. and Greenway
McKenna reconstruction has been delayed again.  The Monona City Council has asked that the newly formed Ad Hoc Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee review the need for sidewalks in this area.  The project at this point has a goal to also address the 5 way intersection at the corners of Maywood, McKenna, and Greenway.

Preliminary Plans:

McKenna Preliminary Drawings With Sidewalks
McKenna Preliminary Drawings Without Sidewalks

Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design

This project has a tentative construction start date for 2020-2021.  Project design has been approved by Monona City Council and Public Works Committee's.  The project is awaiting final decision on whether it will receive federal funding.
Visit the City of Madison project page for more information.

Riverfront Redevelopment Street and Park Construction

Metropolitan Ln. is being reconstructed to better serve the new Riverfront Redevelopment properties.  The project will result in 2 new roadways including extending a new access to the development from West Broadway Avenue.  The project includes installation of permeable pavement applications including permeable asphalt and permeable pavers to assist in capturing runoff from major storm events and treatment of stormwater.  A new park is being constructed in the redevelopment that will include a skating rink, stage, and river access.

Bridge Rd. Reconstruction

Bridge Rd. from the intersection at Winnequah Rd. to W. Broadway is being designed to be reconstructed starting July 8th of 2019.  This project includes upsizing stormwater pipes to control a 100 year storm event as well as updating water main and sanitary sewer.  Addition of new sidewalks along the South side of Bridge Road as well as addition of new bike lanes from that will link to the bike lanes along Winnequah and Bridge Rd to the north and east and will create a connection to the bike lanes along W. Broadway Ave.  

North Winnequah Park Lagoon Dredging and PCB Removal

The City will be dredging the northern lagoon in Winnequah Park to remove PCB laden sediments and to improve water quality.  The project includes rehabilitating the shorelines as well as cleaning up the drainage ditch along the northernmost reach of the lagoon.  It will also address cleaning up around two stormater outfalls that feed into the lagoon and will provide new fish habitat and accesses for fishing.

​Road Resurfacing and Maintenance

Monona Public Works is performing routine yearly maintenance on several residential streets. In 2019 Monona will make microsurfacing repairs on Cardinal Crescent, Joyce Road, Maywood Road, Navajo Trail, Souix Trail, Schluter Road, Queens Way, Southern Circle, Sethne Court, Schofield Street, and Shore Acres Road.  This work will begin in May of 2019.  Local traffic only will be allowed on these streets immediately after application of the microsurfacing material.
Project Maps  

Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan

Monona is working on drafting the City's first ever pedestrian and bike improvements plan.  The plan will address public concerns of safety of bikers and pedestrians.  It will suggest policies and programs that will encourage residents to safely bike, walk, or exercise more often.  The plan delineates a plan for new sidewalk installation and biking improvements to city street infrastructure.