Active Public Works Projects

Sanitary Sewer Lining - Phase 2, 2022

Updated December 2022

Monona will be performing another round of maintenance on several segments of the City's sewer mains.  The process for this maintenance includes installing a cured in place pipe (CIPP) between manholes inside of the existing main.  The goal is to reduce inflow of groundwater to reduce the City's costs from Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.  Lining sewer main is a much less intensive project than ripping up roadways to remove and install new sewer main.  During installation the liner will cutoff private sewer laterals from being able to drain to the main.  During this time, water use should be at a minimum in affected properties to prevent sewer backups.  After the liner is installed and cured the contractor will cutout the lateral openings.  The final process is to come in and grout around the laterals to close any gaps between the lined pipe and the lateral. 

The project is being bid in August of 2022 and work will take place this Fall. For any questions, please contact Brad Bruun - Monona Public Works Project Manager (608) 222-2525.

Project Schedule:

  • Nov. 21-Dec. 2 -- Cleaning, Televising, Inspections on areas to be maintained
  • Dec. 5-16 -- Install new cured in place piping (lining) in sections to be maintained
    • Dec. 12 & 13 - Lining on Dean Ave. between Waterman Way and Midmoor and on Midmoor between Dean Ave. and 4808/4809 Midmoor.

Project Documents:

Bid Tab Phase 2

Phase 2 Site Map

Phase 2 Resident Letter

Phase 2 Info Flier - What's that Odor

City's Project Contact:

Brad Bruun

(608) 222-2525

Inland Way Pervious Pavers

As part of the City's stormwater treatment requirements at the Riverfront Development, the City will be installing pervious pavers in the on-street parking stalls along Inland Way.  This includes the addition of concrete in the raised pedestrian crossing area (speed table).  The street will be partially closed during construction.  Vehicles must adhere to any posted detour.

Project Documents

Project Plan

Bid Summary

Project Schedule


West Broadway Pavement Replacement Project

Updated September 15

Monona, Madison, and Dane County are working jointly to rehabilitate failing pavement on West Broadway Ave. between Frazier Ave. and South Towne Dr.  The project scope and design is being led by Dane County with input from the City of Monona and Madison.  The current design is going through WisDOT approval to reduce a travel lane in either direction over the HWY 12/18 overpass and adding a buffered bike lane from Frazier Ave. to South Towne Dr.  Final design will be shared upon final approval. Construction is slated to begin late Spring 2022.

Project Schedule:


Copps Avenue Dredging Project

Updated November 2022

Homburg Contractors Inc. have been contracted by the City to perform maintenance dredging under the bridge on Copps Ave. in Monona.  Dredging will open a currently choked off channel under the bridge that only allows water to flow through during heavy rains or flooding events.

Project Scheduled to begin Week of June 6th and run through the end of the month.  Partial closure of Copps Ave. at the bridge will occur throughout the project.  One lane will be open at all times.  

For questions contact Brad Bruun, Public Works Program Manager - (608) 222-2525

Project Schedule


Project Photos - Before and After




After :



Library Rooftop Unit Replacement Project

Updated November 2022

The Library has 5 rooftop HVAC units that condition the upper level of the building.  The largest unit was replaced in 2020.  The four remaining units are slated to be replaced in 2022 and are now 21 years old.  The ASHRAE lifespan of most of the equipment currently in operation is 15 to 20 years, and some of the units have either failed completely or have components that need repairs.  This project will also update HVAC controllers and programming, as well as hot water valves and dampers to bring the 20+ year old system up to date.  Modulating units have been specified for replacement of the existing and because of their ability to modulate their fan motors and gas injection, the units are capable of much higher efficiency than what exists today.  

Project Documents:

  1. Bid Tab
    Project Plans

Project Schedule:

  1. Project Punch List being carried out.

Mill and Overlay

Updated July 27

The City's resurfacing project will begin after July 11 and includes resurfacing Tonyawatha Trl. from Baskerville to its southern end at Winnequah Trl. and all of Winnequah Trl. from the boat launch to Winnequah Rd. The project also includes the reconstruction of Winnequah Rd. from Schluter Rd. to Bridge Rd. These project areas are all located on the Lake Loop Bike Route and will impact bike travel. A detour map is posted below.  Bikers will be required to detour the construction zones.

Project Schedule


Project Documents:

South Winnequah Road Improvements

Updated November 2022

South Winnequah Road from Schluter Rd. to Bridge Rd. will be reconstructed in 2022.  The project improvements include intersection crossing improvements, removal of existing "bumpouts", improved pedestrian facilities, improved bike facilities, speed humps to reduce traffic speeds, and replacement of existing pavement with some aggregate base repairs and storm sewer updates.  Conceptual plans will be posted once the project design has been approved by the Public Works Committee and City Council.  Bidding will begin in the Spring of 2022.  Project construction is slated to start after July 11th. 

Landscaping and items in the City's street right-of-way on the East side of the roadway between Maywood Park and Bridge Rd. between the back of the existing curb line and up to 11' may be impacted by construction.  Please contact the City to discuss specific items that may be impacted. 


  • Private Utilities Work - November 28 - Mid December
  • Sidewalk patching, finishing driveways, restoration continues - Through End of November
  • Retaining Wall to begin November 28th 

Why the Delays?!

Private utilities like MGE, TDS, Charter, and ATT have not moved their infrastructure out of the way of construction.  All involved have had issues finding time, materials, or labor, which is their messaging to the City.  To this point 90% of the utilitys' work have been completed.  The City cannot have their contractor perform work in these areas until the utility work has been completed, holding up final sections of sidewalks, retaining walls, restoration, and some driveways.

Project Documents:

Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design - 2023 to 2024

Updated - Feb. 2022

New federal funding has come available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) and this project has been approved in the MPO Transportation Improvement Plan for reprioritization for funding approved for construction in 2023-2024.  The approved design is shared below.  This project is still in final design stages to review temporary limited easements, permitting, traffic control, etc.  Bidding is slated to open for this project at the end of 2022.  

Project Documents:

Edgeline Drawings Phase 1
Edgeline Drawings Phase 2

Visit the City of Madison project page for more information. 

Winnequah Road Pirate Island Bridge Replacement

Updated June - 2022

Monona is replacing the bridge on Winnequah Rd. that stretches over the Pirate Island Channel connecting Pirate Island with the rest of Monona.  This bridge has an active rating of 8 out of 100.  The project includes a complete reconstruction of the current bridge in 2 phases leaving at least one lane of accessibility at all times.  The project includes updating water main, adding a hydrant, roadway alignment modifications, addition of a sidewalk along the bridge, new curb and gutter, replacing driveway approaches, and replacement of pavement and landscaping.
The bid has been awarded to RG Huston. 
Questions about the project should be directed to:  Monona Public Works Program Manager - Brad Bruun
 Email: / 608-222-2525

Upcoming Project Schedule:

  1. Punchlist items yet to be completed:
    1. Addition of supplemental riprap in places adjacent the bridge that are patchy
    2. Some improvements to deep gouges on parapet
    3. Railing repairs of scratched paint
    4. Striping 
    5. Sign installations

Project Documents:

 Bid Tab
 Project Letter

Chip and Fog Sealing

Updated September 15

Chip seal application is used to help protect pavement and prolong its life.  This process includes street cleaning, crack patching, sealing with a tar application and overlaying the tar with granite "chips".  Then rolling the application to press the chips into the tar and helping flatten and smooth the roadway.  Loose chips are then broomed off the street and removed. Monona Public Works has bid a project for chip sealing the following stretches of roadway in 2022:

  • Winnequah Rd. from Monona Drive to Tonyawatha Trl. south of Progressive Ave.
  • Rothman Plc. entire street
  • Progressive Ave. entire street
  • Wallace Ave. from Dean Ave. to Valorie
  • Roselawn and Edna Taylor entire streets

Fog Seal application will also be piloted on sections of roadway where chip sealing was has been performed.  This application helps seal the top of the chip seal application and is meant to prolong its life.  Maps highlighting these selected pilot areas are linked below.  This process will happen in conjunction with the chip seal application and includes sections on Winnequah Rd. between Winnequah Trl. and Monona Dr. as well as the sections of Midwood and Ridgewood that were chip sealed in 2021.

Project Documents:

Project Schedule