Active Public Works Projects

Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design - 2023 to 2024

Updated - April 2023

New federal funding has come available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) and this project has been approved in the MPO Transportation Improvement Plan for reprioritization for funding approved for construction in 2023-2024.  The approved design is shared below.  

The low bid was approved for RG Huston.  Work is slated to begin March of 2023.  

One lane inbound to Madison will remain open until Phase 2 of the project begins.  Please see the City of Madison's Project Page linked below for more information.

Project Detour Has Begun

Please avoid this area if possible.  This project zone will cause delays.  Temporary full road closures are likely to occur throughout the project.  Please visit Madison's Project Page linked below for more information.  

Project Documents:

Edgeline Drawings Phase 1 - Fair Oaks to Walter St.
Edgeline Drawings Phase 2 - Walter to Cottage Grove Rd.

Visit the City of Madison project page for more information. 

South Winnequah Road Improvements

Updated April 2023

South Winnequah Road from Schluter Rd. to Bridge Rd. will be reconstructed in 2022.  The project improvements include intersection crossing improvements, removal of existing "bumpouts", improved pedestrian facilities, improved bike facilities, speed humps to reduce traffic speeds, and replacement of existing pavement with some aggregate base repairs and storm sewer updates.  Conceptual plans will be posted once the project design has been approved by the Public Works Committee and City Council.  Bidding will begin in the Spring of 2022.  Project construction is slated to start after July 11th. 

Landscaping and items in the City's street right-of-way on the East side of the roadway between Maywood Park and Bridge Rd. between the back of the existing curb line and up to 11' may be impacted by construction.  Please contact the City to discuss specific items that may be impacted. 


  • Excavation for retaining walls - April 12-21
  • Foundation for retaining walls - April 19-26
  • Laying retaining wall stones - April 24-May 5
  • Remainin Sidewalk Install May 1 - May 12
  • Landscaping and Restoration - May 2023

Why the Delays?!

Private utilities like MGE, TDS, Charter, and ATT have not moved their infrastructure out of the way of construction.  All involved have had issues finding time, materials, or labor, which is their messaging to the City.  To this point 90% of the utilitys' work have been completed.  The City cannot have their contractor perform work in these areas until the utility work has been completed, holding up final sections of sidewalks, retaining walls, restoration, and some driveways.

Project Documents:

Chip and Fog Sealing

Updated September 15

Chip seal application is used to help protect pavement and prolong its life.  This process includes street cleaning, crack patching, sealing with a tar application and overlaying the tar with granite "chips".  Then rolling the application to press the chips into the tar and helping flatten and smooth the roadway.  Loose chips are then broomed off the street and removed. Monona Public Works has bid a project for chip sealing the following stretches of roadway in 2022:

  • Winnequah Rd. from Monona Drive to Tonyawatha Trl. south of Progressive Ave.
  • Rothman Plc. entire street
  • Progressive Ave. entire street
  • Wallace Ave. from Dean Ave. to Valorie
  • Roselawn and Edna Taylor entire streets

Fog Seal application will also be piloted on sections of roadway where chip sealing was has been performed.  This application helps seal the top of the chip seal application and is meant to prolong its life.  Maps highlighting these selected pilot areas are linked below.  This process will happen in conjunction with the chip seal application and includes sections on Winnequah Rd. between Winnequah Trl. and Monona Dr. as well as the sections of Midwood and Ridgewood that were chip sealed in 2021.

Project Documents:

Project Schedule